Healthy not skinny

In 2006, the company I work for did a Health Fair and offered us free blood lab tests. That was when I
found out I had high cholesterol. I was shocked! I thought I was healthy. This really concerned me since
I was at a healthy weight, I didn’t eat much fried food, I only ate chicken and fish and I worked out a
couple of times a week.

It was then that I figured out I was skinny, not healthy. In talking with my
doctor at the time, I was told I was pretty much screwed. That my issue with cholesterol must be
hereditary. Well, I found out neither of my parents had this issue. But, we do suspect my grandmother
may have had it based on some the issues she had (she lived to be 87 so I’d take that!).

Having high cholesterol was very concerning to me due to the issues this can cause. And my “bad cholesterol” – LDL
– was super high and my “good cholesterol” – HDL – was super low. That is the worst mixture to have
and increased my risk of having coronary heart disease.Which by the way, is the #1 killer in the US! I
knew that if I didn’t get this fixed I could have clogged arteries, stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. It
wasn’t a guarantee I’d have those issues, some don’t, but it did GREATLY increase my risk.
It was my goal to fix this issue without using any medications. I increased my water intake and increased
my exercise. It got better!! It wasn’t fantastic, but it was better. Each year I chipped away at it and
about 3 years later I was moved out of the High Cholesterol group! It still wasn’t fantastic, but it was
WAY better.

Over the years I continued to try and be healthy. But, I wasn’t really there yet. I was still
having yo-yo weight and continued to drop into being underweight way too often. My cholesterol
spiked up again a few years ago – I hadn’t been working on keeping it low, I wasn’t exercising regularly, I
wasn’t drinking adequate amounts of water. I was tired and not taking care of me.
In 2011, our beautiful daughter came into our lives and it was then that I realized I was still living on
being skinny and not healthy.

I got my lab tests done and things were in the OK range, but not great. I
finally started making my health a priority and focusing on my nutrition – really dialing into a healthy,
balanced lifestyle. I’ve continued to work to fix this issue and this year (2017), my lab tests were the
best ever!!! I NOW have LOW cholesterol!! Yay!! And not just good, but it is now at a FANTASTIC level!

I’m also HEALTHY, not just thin!! Even better!

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